Biomedical Engineeering Model Shop Customer Testimonials

Our Customers

"As the Nurse Manager of the Burn Unit on Bigelow 13, I have had the pleasure of working with members of the Model Shop for over 18 years. The unique nature of the Burn Unit has required their expertise on many occasions. This team is always professional and very responsive to the needs of this unit. They maintain and fabricate many of the components of our Bacteria Controlled Nursing Units upon which many of our patients depend for environmental controls. No job is too small. Attention to detail is a constant. The best part is they do it all with a smile. I could not ask for anything better." "

Tony DiGiovine, RN,
Nurse Manager, Bigelow 13 and Blake 6

"For many years, the Model Shop at MGH has itself been a model - for getting good things done."

R. Rox Anderson, MD
Director, Wellman Center for Photomedicine
Professor of Dermatology,
Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

"The Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratory of the Massachusetts General Hospital would like to extend our thanks to the Model Shop and all of the technicians. Their creativity and craftsmanship in the design and fabrication of devices that are used in our research is most appreciated."

William H. Harris
Director Emeritus of the Harris Orthopaedic
Biomechanics and Biomaterials Laboratory,
Harris-OBBL or HOBBL

"Thank you very much for the excellent service that the Model Shop has given me. You have created and maintained the endoscopy "chest brace," which is not commercially available, and greatly facilitates my work."

Paul C. Shellito MD
Department of Surgery
Massachusetts General Hospital

"The Model Shop at MGH has provided exemplary service, attention to detail, and excellent products. In particular, they have made beautiful two-piece implants for primate research of medical grade titanium. These implants have proven extremely strong and have greatly facilitated our research. These implants are not available through a commercial source, and hence are a unique resource."

Emad Eskandar, MD
Department of Neurosurgery
Massachusetts General Hospital

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